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The City of Venice is located in the heart of Sarasota County. It has about 21,000 residents. Many of the residents only live in the city during the winter months.

There is a Florida Highway Patrol substation within the Venice city limits. There are also Sheriffs deputies assigned to patrol the roadways. The city of Venice also has its own police force that patrols alongside these other agencies. The Venice Police Department has 46 sworn officers and many of these officers have received some type of DUI training.

If you receive a DUI citation in Venice, you will be taken to the Venice jail and held for transport to the main facility in Sarasota. Court appearances are usually dealt with at the South County courthouse. It is located in Venice at 4000 South Tamiami Trail. Due to recent publicity surrounding the breath machines in Venice it is strongly recommended that you hire an attorney before seeing a judge! Call us now at (941) 404-5073 and let us fully explain your options to you!

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