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The judge is the person who presides over your criminal case. It is their job to make legal rulings about your case and to sentence you if you enter a plea or if you are found guilty at trial. NEVER EVER WRITE A JUDGE ABOUT THE FACTS OF YOUR CASE! All correspondence sent to a judge is public record. Not only won’t the judge read it, but the State will use it against you.

Most DUI cases are misdemeanors and are handled in the Criminal Division of the County Court. The county court judges rotate every year. The five county court judges currently elected for Sarasota County are: Hon. Maryann Boehm Hon. Kimberly Bonner Hon. David Denkin Hon. Phyllis Galen and Hon. Judith Goldman

The current Judicial assignments for the County Criminal Division 2011 are as follows:

  • Division A (last name A-L) Honorable Phyllis Galen
  • Division B (last name M-Z) Honorable Judith Goldman
  • Division H (anyone arrested in South County) Honorable Judge Denkin

If you are charged with a felony DUI, your case is handled in the Circuit Court of Sarasota County. The elected circuit court judges currently sitting in Sarasota County are:

  • Hon. Donna Berlin
  • Hon. Rochelle Curley
  • Hon. Rick DeFuria
  • Hon. Deno Economu
  • Hon. Lee Haworth
  • Hon. Thomas Krug
  • Hon. Robert McDonald, Jr.
  • Hon. Charles Roberts
  • Hon. Becky Titus
  • Hon. Charles Williams

The current judicial assignments for the Circuit Criminal bench are as follows:

  • Division II (last name A-E and G) Honorable Becky Titus
  • Division IV (last name P-Z) Honorable Rochelle Curly
  • Division VI (last name F, H-O) Honorable Donna Berlin

To contact any of the judges, you may call Court Administration at (941) 861-7800 or you may write to:

PO Box 48927 Sarasota, Florida 34230


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