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Ignition Interlock Device

An ignition interlock is a device that attaches to the ignition of your car. When you enter the car you must blow into the interlock device. The device will make sure there is no alcohol on your breath before it will allow the car to start. The device will ask for additional breath samples at different intervals while you drive to make sure that you did not have a friend or family member blow into the device to start the car in an attempt to circumvent the system.

Ignition Interlocks are required by law to be placed in any vehicle you drive. This includes a work vehicle. If you routinely drive a friend or family member’s car you will need to install an interlock device even though the car does not belong to you. If you are ordered to have an ignition interlock and you are pulled over in a car without one, there can be additional penalties imposed.

The minimum periods for ignition interlock systems are as follows:

1st time DUI with blow over .15 6 months
2nd time DUI 1 year
2nd time DUI with blow over .15 2 years
3rd or subsequent DUI 2 years minimum

An ignition interlock can also be ordered in cases of DUI Manslaughter or where there is personal injury as a result of the DUI charge.

Ignition interlock systems are expensive. The current charges are as follows:

  • $12.00 ignition interlock fee
  • $70.00 installation fee per vehicle
  • $67.50 supervision fee per month per vehicle
  • $100.00 deposit

The smallest detail of your case can affect your driving. Properly exploring the validity of the breath test can make the difference between turning the key and the hassle and expense of an interlock to start your vehicle. Don’t accept the burden without fully exploring your options. Call us today at 941-404-5073 and let us help you.


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