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Although it is called “impoundment” in most cases your car is not towed to an impound lot. Instead, a boot is placed on the car at its current location at your expense.

Unless the family of the defendant has no other transportation or the impoundment is waived for other reasons, the impoundment periods are as follows:

First conviction or
Second conviction outside of 5 years or
Third conviction outside of 10 years
10 days;
Second conviction within 5 years 30 days;
Third conviction within 10 years 90 days

If you are sentenced to jail, the impoundment cannot occur while you are incarcerated. The court may waive impoundment of any vehicles that are owned by the defendant if they are operated solely by the employees of the defendant or any business owned by the defendant.

Even if you accepted a sentence that included a vehicle impoundment, it may be possible to have it waived. Contact our office at 941-404-5073 to discuss whether a modification may be possible.


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