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Under the statute, there must be a psychosocial assessment performed for anyone adjudicated guilty of a DUI charge. The evaluation is conducted by evaluators who are certified by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Most often this evaluation is done where you attend the DUI classes. The purpose of the psychosocial evaluation is to determine the existence of a possible alcohol or other drug abuse problem. This enables the evaluator to make a decision regarding the extent of the your involvement with alcohol and/or drugs, and the need for substance abuse counseling or treatment to address that involvement.

Sometimes an evaluation is done and it is determined that there is no alcohol or drug problem. Therefore no additional treatment is necessary. But in most cases the evaluator will recommend some type of follow up treatment. This is especially true if the blow was over a .15. If you do not successfully complete the recommended treatment, you can’t receive the Certificate of Completion for DUI School. Without the certificate you can never reinstate your driver’s license.

When you are looking for providers to obtain treatment, ask the DUI school instructor or the evaluator for a list of approved locations. If you do not go to an approved location it will not count.

If you do not obtain treatment within the time specified by your instructor or evaluator you will have to take the DUI School again. This means you have to pay a second time for the class as well as any treatment. So it is important that you complete everything the first time around.


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