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Pre-Trials or Case Management

After arraignment, you will be scheduled for a pre-trial or case management date. This date is like a status conference. When we attend a pre-trial we make sure that the State has complied with all of our discovery demands. We also update the court on any pending motions or issues with your case. If we have fully investigated your case and decided it was best for you to enter a plea, you will enter at this time. Otherwise, we will file the proper motions and set your case for trial.


The term “motion” is used to describe the process by which an attorney asks the court to make a decision or grant relief. Filing the proper motions is only part of the aggressive representation our clients receive.

There are many types of motions that can be filed on our client’s behalf. The most popular motions in a DUI case are the motion to suppress and the motion to dismiss.

In a motion to dismiss the attorney asks the court to “throw out” or dismiss the charge against our client. Each motion to dismiss is fact specific and unique to the client.

The purpose of a motion to suppress is to keep evidence from being considered in a case. In a DUI case most motions to suppress involve traffic stops, statements or breath tests. One of the most common motions to suppress that we file on behalf of our clients is the challenge to the Intoxilyzer results.

If the motion is granted, the evidence will not be able to be used against our client. In some cases this can lead to dismissal of the charges. Other times it can result in a reduction of the charges from DUI to Reckless Driving.

There are other motions that may be filed on behalf of our clients. Each client’s needs are unique and evaluated on a case by case basis. Sometimes there are no motions that can be filed. Our experience gives us the ability to determine if there is a motion that can be filed in your case that could help you avoid a DUI conviction. The filing of proper motions is part of the comprehensive representation we offer our clients when they hire us to fight their case. Contact our office now at 941-404-5073 and we will explain how we will fight for you.


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